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lynda graham counselling

A cancer diagnosis is something that impacts not just the person receiving the diagnosis, but the whole family circle.

It can often be very difficult to deal with and sometimes the very people that you are closest to are the hardest people with which to discuss how you are feeling.

You are not alone.

Many people struggle with the impact cancer has on theirs or their families lives and don’t know who to turn to.

Because of this we have teamed up with Lynda Graham from Lynda Graham Counselling. Lynda is a local (Carrickfergus) based Registered Counsellor who can help with depression, bereavement, cancer or relationship issues.

If you feel that Lynda can help you or someone you know to deal with cancer then please get in touch with Lynda, quoting 1 in 3 Cancer Support. We aim to support the provision of counselling services for Cancer Patients and their immediate families within the North East Antrim area of Northern Ireland.

Alternatively contact us and ask for a referral. If you are struggling to deal with the effects of cancer, 1 in 3 can help fund access to counselling sessions with Lynda.