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At 1 in 3 Cancer Support we know just how difficult it is to deal with just the simple day to day tasks. That’s why 1 in 3 provide many ways of assisting people.

  • Simple pick me ups are few and far between but if you know know someone who just needs one, sometimes something as simple as a bunch of flowers can go a long way. We can send a bunch to someone who deserves it.
  • Sometimes just managing to clean the house while you or someone close to you is undergoing treatment seems impossible. We can provide financial support for a temporary cleaner.
  • Maybe just having a chat with someone that can listen is what you need. We can part cover the cost of counselling.

Whatever it is 1 in 3 Cancer Support can assist. If you are in or around Carrickfergus / North East Antrim and would like some support- or want to tell us of someone who does, please contact us.